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The Smokey Mountains

Yes, it is true...I love Tennessee and the Great Smokey Mountains that flow through the east. These Smokey mountains of Montana are a bit different this time of year. While the residents and visitors of the Flathead Valley look for a reprieve from the smoke that blows from the west, some of TCG's best customers are able to "rise above the smoke" because of the altitude where their Mountain Modern homes are perched. That dramatic change in topography is a large part of what makes northwest Montana such an amazing place to live.

In every direction, you will see mountains. On every drive, you will be awed by the majesty of the most brilliant artist. Living in the Flathead valley is, by far, one of the most amazing experiences I will ever have the opportunity to enjoy. Working with TCG Montana and the dedicated and talented construction crews is just icing on the cake. Come to Montana. Visit our mountains and lakes. Then, build a house with TCG. You will be glad you did :-)

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