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Seeds Grow to Plants

With the dawn of almost every new year comes a plethora of encouragements, invitations, appeals and pleas for new commitments, resolutions and goals to be set. Most of these, however, are forgotten, missed or ignored within a few short weeks. I'd like to offer a suggestion. Instead of a new resolution, a new goal or a new commitment...how about re-framing, resetting or continuing to grow upon a goal set in times past. There is an old song I grew up singing that says "seeds grow to plants if you add a little water...like grows to love if you add a little time..." Some plants grow quickly, like some varieties of bamboo that can grow inches per day, while others grow slowly, like the white cedar that grows only inches per decade. So, if you have a goal that needs additional water, additional liking or additional time, continue to nurture it and see what happens in 2018.

Remember that TCG Montana loves helping you achieve your new home dreams and goals. If one of your new year dreams has something to do with home rennovations, new home building or planning, please give us a call. We'd love to help!

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