With extensive industrial construction backgrounds, co-owners Terry & Amber Leiser and Cory & Kate Jones found Montana to be the ideal location to continue their luxury residential construction expertise and create homes that stand the test of time, by starting The Construction Group Montana (TCG Montana). With a combined 50+ years experience, this team centers its projects on excellence and client relationships.

Montana Contemporary Style

The Construction Group Montana’s style is considered Montana Contemporary and remains in line with current trends when building and designing their latest projects. Montana home construction is experiencing a massive swing into a more modern, contemporary look. The Construction Group Montana builds homes that fit with the natural outdoor setting on the exterior and feature a fresh, updated interior look and feel.

Years of Experience

With a growing full-time staff, years of experience, an eye for good taste & quality lifestyle and a team that works for their clients, The Construction Group Montana, LLC, brings the "whole package" to meet the needs of its clients, their lifestyles and dreams.

Locally Sourced Materials

Focusing on modern amenities and innovative home features, The Construction Group Montana is constantly learning about new products, innovative design and ways to bring global technologies to Montana and their home builds. While thinking globally and the latest technology, TCG locally sources building materials and labor. Local shops provide many of the tools and materials needed for construction.


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